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Colvanbridge can ensure these scenarios do not occur by verifying the tariff classification, duty rate and documentary requirements of your products prior to orders being placed, enabling you to accurately assess landed costs whilst eliminating the risk of non-compliance. 
In addition, Colvanbridge can provide advice at a pre-production stage, identifying goods (e.g. clothing and footwear) where minor alterations in design may give rise to a more favourable tariff classification. 
For importers wishing to further refine their import cost calculations, Colvanbridge can also provide delivered duty paid (DDP) quotes, encompassing all costs, including shipping, customs clearance and haulage, up to the point of delivery. 
Focusing on key areas such as tariff classification, valuation and customs warehousing, Colvanbridge can identify potential duty saving opportunities that will ensure your landed costs are kept to a minimum. 
In certain circumstances there may also be potential to reclaim overpaid duty arising from historical declarations to HM Revenue & Customs. Colvanbridge Ltd can prepare and submit claims to Customs, with fees based on an agreed percentage of the duty reclaimed. 
For products where classification is considered contentious, it is prudent to obtain a BTI prior to importation. By submitting persuasive argument in support of applications, and, where helpful, referencing previously issued rulings, Colvanbridge and their Duty Consultants have a proven track record of obtaining favourable BTI rulings covering goods classified across all sectors of the tariff. 
Applications are normally made on a no-win-no-charge basis, with fees only payable if the most advantageous classification is secured. 
Importers whose goods are subject to any additional indirect costs or payments should seek advice to ensure that duty payments reflect all necessary inclusions/exclusions in the value declared to Customs. 
Focusing on the key areas of duty minimisation and customs compliance, a health check undertaken by Colvanbridge’s Duty Consultants will help to ensure that your goods are imported legitimately and also identify any potential duty/tax saving opportunities. 
If you believe your business could be importing more efficiently, or are simply seeking peace of mind, contact Colvanbridge to arrange a review of your procedures. Initial consultations are free of charge, and can be arranged quickly and easily via e-mail or phone. 
As importer of the goods, it is your legal responsibility to ensure that your products are classified correctly, even if you rely on your freight forwarder to provide this service for you. 
Finding the correct tariff classification for your products amongst the 14,000 or so codes in the UK Tariff may not be straightforward. Goods falling in certain sectors of the tariff (e.g. clothing, footwear) can be particularly difficult to classify. 
Colvanbridge can provide a full range of tariff classification services to suit the requirements of any importing business. 
Colvanbridge and their Duty Consultants can assist importers considering an appeal by firstly assessing the likelihood of a favourable outcome; this will avoid unnecessary expenditure in cases where the chances of success are minimal. 
If it is considered that there are grounds for appeal, Colvanbridge can assist in preparing and submitting relevant material to Customs on a no-win-no-fee basis. 
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